L’International Workshop on Self-organizing Systems terrà la sua sesta edizione a Delft, in Olanda, il 15 e 16 marzo 2012.

Ecco la presentazione tratta dalla home page del sito dedicato:

IWSOS 2012 is the sixth workshop in a series of multidisciplinary events dedicated to self-organization in networks and networked systems.

Self-organization relates the behavior of the individual components (the microscopic level) to the resulting networked structure and functionality of the overall system (the macroscopic level), where simple interactions at the microscopic level may already give rise to complex, adaptive, and robust behavior at the macroscopic level. The growing scale, complexity, and dynamics of (future) networked systems have been driving research from centralized solutions to self-organized networked systems. The applicability of well-known self-organizing techniques to specific networks and networked systems is being investigated, as well as adaptations and novel approaches inspired by cooperation in nature. Models originating from areas like control theory, complex systems research, evolutionary dynamics, sociology and game theory are increasingly applied to complex networks to analyze their behavior, robustness and controllability.

Self-organization principles do not only apply to the Internet and computer networks but also to a variety of other complex networks, like transportation networks, telephony networks, smart electricity grids, financial networks, social networks, and biological networks. “Network Science” and “Complex Networks theory” constitute new research areas that provide additional insights into self-organizing systems.